About Us

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Our Rail World is a new social site for all rail fans, enabling like minded railway and train enthusiasts to interact across the globe or within their own locality.

Our Rail World has been created by two railway professionals, David Curran and Phil Taylor, with nearly forty years’ experience in the rail industry.

We both share an interest in web design and railways and recognised that in some quarters of social media there was maybe a stigma attached to rail enthusiasts. So we decided to create a social media platform dedicated to all things “Railway”, we wanted to remove that stigma and put rail enthusiasm in to the twenty first century.

Launched on 11th July 2017, the result is “Our Rail World”, a coming together of anything to do with railways. Users can join or create forums or groups for their own specific interests within the rail umbrella, whether it is steam trains, diesel locomotives, high speed trains, modelling or individual engines, and the idea is for all the members to interact where they have interests, building friendships and promoting discussion.

We hope to grow in time to become a truly global place with rail enthusiast welcome from every corner of our planet. So please use and enjoy the site and also tell others. By sharing and spreading the word you are adding to everyone’s experience and enjoyment.